Your designs look amazing, and you've put some good thought into the interaction model, but we all know you never can tell without a live prototype.

The good news is I'm here to help... I'm an experienced developer with a strong design sense, and I love bringing people's visions to life. I move quickly, so you can see the results right away, and my code is flexible, so we can iterate as needed. I also know what's involved in shipping solid production code, so my prototypes can be the basis for the real deal.

Due to the proprietary nature of most prototyping work, I don't have examples to show, but you can see plenty of my production work on my projects page, such as:

Drop me a line; you know you want to!

“The work Ian did in tandem with our design team at Rdio was fantastic. He prototyped a few very large features and his work was both speedy and incredibly thorough. He allowed us to make complex design and product decisions that would not have been possible simply looking at mockups. Ian played an invaluable part in the process.

He knows that getting to a great product is iterative and he enjoys the process and findings to get somewhere better than where you started. I couldn't recommend Ian more and would love to work with him again.”

Rod Naber
Senior Designer at Rdio