Ever Onward

Seize the Day and Living Worlds ScreenSaver

This webpage was created by Freda McGowan Byers in order to help people get up and running with the original version of Seize the Day. Thank you, Freda!
      2011 - the original 1993 Seize the Day software + ScreenSaver - FREE


 25th Anniversary Celebration 

All 12 animated LIVING WORLDS

now on Android and iOS


with huge thanks to Ian Gilman for his year-long+ work

and Mark Ferrari for his wonderful artwork 

Excellent !

now to the 1993 original  SEIZE the DAY software

& Living Worlds ScreenSaver 

** Direct Link to Seize the Day Downloads ** another link about half way down the page

if you have difficulty installing please feel free to  ASK FOR HELP

DosBoxers PLEASE Note:

Alt+Enter to go in or out of full screen .  Ctrl + F10 for mouse release


Seize the Day

Living Worlds Calendar


The Living Worlds ScreenSaver

with twelve enchanting worlds

 Endless gratitude to

Ian Gilman for keeping the conversation going.

Brad Fregger and Jeff Forestier for providing the original software disks.

Special thanks to Larry Smith for helping me make it happen.

A huge THANK YOU to Pete M. & James M. for your  kind contributions of  the PlugIns. 


Illustrated Animated Personal Organizer Journal

a truly marvelous program from 1993 - way ahead of its time,  and timeless still

FREE Full Version Seize the Day for Mac / PC / DosBox

Registration Code included 

with extra JOURNAL and ART Plugins, also FREE


Living Worlds Screen Saver


does not run directly on Mac, nor PC beyond Windows98

But it can and will work for ALL Seize the Day users with

  1. Mac OSX or PC  using DosBox running Win3                                        
  2. MacOS7 to MacOS9  -  using VirtualPC(old), SoftPC or SoftWindows / Win3/Win95/98         
  3. Android  -  using DosBox running Win3... 
  4. iOS... you tell me
  5. any 256 colour capable PC with Windows 3 / 95 / 98
Living Worlds ScreenSaver     yep, made for PC only
BUT "because I believe all things are possible"
shown here, an April day about noon, on my 1995 MacIntosh PowerBook 5300ce, Mac System OS7.6.1, Connectix's RamDoubler, SpeedDoubler, SoftWindows3  because I CAN


see further down the page for some instructions and other info

Sale of Seize the Day is Not Permitted. It is FREE for ALL by permission from the Creators of the Program. If in doubt, ask them ....


Comments or Questions ?


Be Blessed - ENJOY!

If you use the Installer Files - the registration code you need is in your download.

For the Program Folder Files your registration code is on program's start-up screen.

TIME TRAVEL TIPS + Manual + Original Booklet in the extras folder

DosBoxers: Alt+Enter to go in or out of full screen .

Ctrl + F10 for mouse release


MAC OS 9 and earlier

Just go for it !   StD-MacInstall

XP + Vista 32bit

download StD-PCInstall.zip for the original installer files

1. be aware that resizing the gallery is limited, thus you need to manually change screen size.  You may want to download MultiRes to easily change your screen resolution to 800x600 or even better if your computer allows it, 640x480.
2. Set Seizeday.exe compatability (under properties) to run in 256 colours.


for 64 bit Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or MacOSX - use DOSBOX 

Use DosBox with your own copy of Windows 3. Good instructions for setting up DosBox here .

HOWEVER ...  IF you don't have Windows 3.1 and really need to have Seize the Day, then download

DosBox plus Doswin.zip - which has Seize the Day pre -loaded .

1. Download and install DOSBox

2. Download Doswin.zip from the DosBox - Seize the Day folder.

3. Follow simple instructions included in the doswin folder. (for Win 8 - same as for Win 7)

4. THEN run Dosbox - Windows 3 will load and

Seize the Day will automatically run - ENJOY!

also, in DosBox

Alt + Enter for fullscreen (and back again)

Ctrl + F10 for mouse release from DosBox

after quitting StD - type exit to quit DosBox



Other DosBox Hints for if you have not used the pre-installed version

1. For Mac or PC if you want to use StD under DosBox without fussing with Windows, edit the system.ini file of Windows 3.1 to use the line shell=c:\seize\seizetheday.exe


  2. If you don't want to fuss with DosBox after installing Windows 3.1 - open "dosbox-0.74.conf" (win) with Notepad for PC - At the end of the file under [autoexec] insert the following lines:-

mount c c:\doswin

or for Mac OS X

in Dosbox-0.74. Preferences for MacOSX add the lines : (presuming your 'doswin' folder is placed at top level of your 'home' folder) (and watch out for spaces. eg mountspace cspace

mount c ~/doswin

Too confusing?    ask for help


Seize the Day

update June 4th 2011 - DONE! The INSTALLERS arrived & uploaded (YAY!!!) 

 Thank you Brad Fregger, Jeff Forestier, Larry Smith, and Ian Gilman.



 May 9th 2011 update - Mission ALMOST Accomplished. The ORIGINAL INSTALLERS for both WIN & MAC versions of 'Seize the Day' are COMING SOON!!  Yes folks, I have finally  managed to track down ORIGINAL BOXED VERSIONS for both Mac and PC



Update November 4th 2010

you can now download your Full Copy

thanks to Stephani and to all at Ian Gilman's GetSatisfaction site (now defunct)



update 30-10-10

we have contact with someone who has the full program - stay tuned

On October 23rd 2010, after years of intermittent searching ,

I found a demo of Seize The Day Living World Calendar from 1993.

Mixed it with old files from a non-working copy a friend sent me,

plus the scanned original booklet from another.



Still beautifully enchanting

... and a useful program