Heaven & Earth

Flushed with our success from Ishido, we decided to do it again, but bigger this time! The game would be the first in a trilogy, filled with new mind games of all sorts and wisdom from throughout the ages. More people joined the team, including Scott Kim, puzzlemaster, and Mark Ferrari, artist extraordinaire. It was an amazingly wonderful, creative experience, and I believe it shows through in the game.

Original Version

On the Web:

You can play the classic Mac or DOS versions online at the Internet Archive. Note that the menu bar inside the emulator hides itself, but you can access it by clicking on the top of the emulator's screen.

You can also play the DOS version on My Abandonware. Note that just above the "Start" button, there's a menu to choose which executable to run; select "HEAVEN.EXE" to start at the beginning. At the copy protection question, you should be able to just hit enter, but if that doesn't work, you can find the answers here.

For Modern Macs:

Go to the Heaven & Earth page on Macintosh Garden and follow the instructions.

For Classic Macs:

Download Heaven & Earth for Mac (Works only in Classic)

Heaven & Earth works (except for the Pendulum) on Classic Macs, as well as in Classic mode in Mac OS X (PowerPC and pre-Leopard only). You have to switch into 256 color mode, under Displays in your System Preferences. You may need to uncheck the "Show modes recommended by display" option in the Displays panel before it will let you select 256 colors.

For Windows:

Download Heaven & Earth for Windows

You'll need to run it in DOSBox.

Once you've unzipped the Windows package, ignore the install.exe and double-click on heaven.exe. You'll then need to answer the "copy protection" question. Here are the answers.


Download the manual (Microsoft Word format)

Other Versions

I'm working on bringing the puzzles from Heaven & Earth to the web, starting with Figure Ground. If you'd like to help support this work, please pledge on my Patreon.

Kubic is a beautiful adaptation of the Convex Concave puzzle from the game, available for iOS and Android.

Robert Ziefel has written a version of the card game called Matching Seasons, available for Mac and Windows, as well as Android.

Scott Kim put together a paper version of the Convex Concave puzzle from the game. It's available as a PDF.


Fans of Heaven & Earth will be pleased to know that Cliff Johnson's wonderful games The Fool's Errand, At the Carnival and 3 in Three (from the same era as Heaven & Earth) are also now available again, free of charge.


"You [created] my favorite game of all time, and the one game that I think most influenced my thinking. The graphics may be ancient but the ideas, and the building up of the mind are timeless. I'd rather play Heaven and Earth than Final Fantasy X or Devil May Cry. That's how much I love the depth and design of that game."

-- Joan Schneider

"Thank you so much, you made a dream come true. I've found the game I've been looking for for several years now. Even my grandchildren adore it. They learn patience and perseverance and I think that is just great. It's better than learning how to be violent."

-- Charlotte Fortier