Snapdragon was a Live Labs Out of the Box Week project I created in JavaScript while on the Seadragon team. We published it on as a demo of zooming interfaces in action, but it was taken down when the Seadragon team was disbanded. Here you can see a screen capture of it in action:

When you launched into it, you'd get a bunch of words (hot tags on Flickr, as well as random words from Wordnik) swimming around the screen. Click on any of them, and up would come the most "interesting" photos on Flickr tagged with that word. Click on one of those photos, and out will pop the words that photo is tagged with. With each click you're diving deeper into the space, flying from photo to tag to photo on into infinity, or zooming back out to head off in an entirely different direction. The resulting experience was incredibly addictive, luring you to explore ever further, treating you to new beauty around every corner.