Web Developer Seeks Apprentice

I'm an experienced freelance web developer focusing on client-side JavaScript and computer graphics. I'm looking for someone to work closely with me and pick up the trade. No previous programming experience is necessary, but strong typing skills and a desire to learn are essential.

We'll work together remotely via Zoom screen share, three hours a day, so you must have a good Internet connection and ideally a high-resolution monitor.

If you're interested, please email me a brief description of yourself, why you're interested in this job, and your typing words per minute.

For the full story, see my post about this apprenticeship thing.

$18/hour, about 15 hours a week

The apprentice position has been filled for the time being. That said, I'm always happy to help people learn JavaScript. Check out my list of resources at https://github.com/iangilman/learning-javascript and feel free to hit me up on Gitter or Twitter.